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Frequently Asked Questions

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Where is Patsystems located?
Patsystems has 5 global locations with offices in London, Chicago, Singapore, Tokyo, and Hong Kong.

Trading solutions

Who uses Patsystems?
Futures and options brokers, derivatives professionals, exchanges and other intermediaries deploy our technology to thousands of end-users who range from independent traders to global financial institutions.

What assets can I trade with Patsystems?
Patsystems specialises in trading solutions for the derivatives industry. However, our risk management solution can be applied to any asset class.

To which exchanges does Patsystems connect?
Patsystems connects to over 50 exchanges globally, providing access to a broad range of derivatives products. For a complete listing of the exchanges, please see our connectivity map.

Market access can be achieved through the Patsystems XLink product to connect one Patsystems trading platform to another enabling access to additional exchanges. Alternatively, Patsystems market access can be achieved through a third party via FIX.

Trading front-ends

How many trading solutions does Patsystems offer?
Three. Patsystems offers Pro-Mark, J-Trader, and IQ-Trader. Pro-Mark is a premium front-end and the most advanced application available for the professional sector. J-Trader is Patsystems’ most widely-used front-end for all types of derivatives traders. IQ-Trader is a front-end for strategic and technical traders including advanced charting functionality.

How do I get the Patsystems trading front-ends?
Traders wanting to use Pro-Mark, J-Trader, or IQ-Trader as their front-end trading platform can get the screens directly from their brokerage firm. 

In response to market demand for componentised solutions, Patsystems now offers an Application Service Provider (ASP) solution. This service confers the full benefits of a Patsystems trading platform without the requirement for the client to invest in a technology infrastructure or associated support resources.

For additional information you can contact Patsystems:

London: +44 20 7423 6700
United States: +1 312 612 7070
Asia: +65 6216 0459

How much do the trading front-ends cost?
Patsystems sells its trading solutions to banks, brokers and FCMs within the derivatives trading sector. Each customer firm then resells the Patsystems trading front-ends to end-users. Please contact your broker directly for detailed pricing information.

Can I access my front-end screens via the internet?
Yes. Patsystems' front-end screens can be accessed and deployed via the internet.

Can I rebrand the Patsystems software?
Yes. Patsystems “white labels” its products so that customers can rebrand any of the products as they see fit.

What number do I call for sales enquiries?
For sales information in Europe call +44 20 7423 6700, in the Americas please call +1 312 612 7070, and in Asia call +65 6216 0459.

Trading API

Does Patsystems have a choice of APIs?
Yes. We offer a choice between the FIX API and our proprietary trading API. Our proprietary API can be written to using a variety of languages such as Java, C# and Delphi interfaces. Developers who want an industry standard and platform-independent mechanism will choose our FIX interface, widely used by our high-volume clients. For more information click here.

How do I apply for the API?
You can apply online at the Patsystems website by completing and submitting the Patsystems API Application form.

How much does application conformance cost?
The initial standalone demonstration API and documentation is free and the one-to-one conformance test costs $1,500.

How long does it take to conform?
The conformance test takes approximately one hour with assistance from our API support technicians.

Risk solutions

Do you offer solutions for both pre- and post-trade risk?
Yes. Patsystems offers an integrated pre-trade risk solution while Risk Informer monitors post-trade risk in real-time.

Do you provide risk management as a standalone application?
Yes. Risk Informer is a standalone application. It can run in conjunction with any trading platform and interface to any back office application, covering any asset class – not just derivatives.

Exchange solutions

Does Patsystems own a matching engine?
Yes. The Patsystems Matching Engine (PME) is a key part of Patsystems' product offering. A matching, clearing and settlement system, the PME is currently used by seven exchanges: Tokyo Grain Exchange, Chubu Commodity Exchange, Kansai Commodities Exchange, Kanmon Commodity Exchange, National Commodity Exchange Limited, Agricultural Futures Exchange of Thailand and China Foreign Exchange Trade System.


How is your technical support service structured?
The Patsystems' Client Services (CS) provides technical and application support for all Patsystems' customers. The CS standard support hours are from 21:00 (UK) Sunday to 23:00 Friday. Weekend support is covered through pre-arranged request. All end-user support queries should be directed through the local customer support teams.


What type of marketing support does Patsystems provide for its customers?
Patsystems will work with each customer to develop a co-marketing activities specifically designed to help you market and promote your Patsystems’ products. This could include co-branded marketing materials, co-hosted seminars, website content for your corporate website, rebranding of Patsystems’ educational and promotion movies or demos, and much more.