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As part of our drive to help our customers grow their derivatives trading business, Patsystems’ Marketing team runs a co-marketing program specifically designed to give you support with your promotional campaigns of Patsystems’ products.

The scheme comprises a number of initiatives, including:


  • We can provide you with all of the product content from our corporate website, including text and images, for use on your own website;
  • We can rebrand educational and promotional Flash movies that have been created internally at Patsystems, for use on your own website or at expos;
  • We can provide you with our most recent canned demos.

Trade Shows

  • We can offer assistance on your stand with a member of our experienced Sales team demonstrating the product to Show Visitors;
  • Marketing literature is available for you to distribute from your Show stand. We will happily redesign our existing collateral to adhere to your corporate guidelines and rebranded software.


  • We have co-hosted a number of seminars globally, with either a customer and an exchange, or just a customer, for example. The seminars give all parties a chance to present their products and services to a new audience (compiled by combining databases), followed by one-to-one discussions at the post-presentation reception.

We understand that every one of our customers has a different need, so these suggestions are just a sample of what we can do for you. For more details on how we can help you contact our Marketing team.