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Risk Informer

The real-time, multi-asset class risk management solution.

Real-time risk management software

Risk Informer is Patsystems’ standalone, multi-asset class post-trade risk management software.

Risk Informer provides a real-time risk view across all your trading activities and systems. It lets you calculate margin requirements in real-time, and manage risk for products such as exchange-traded derivatives, equities, FX and CFDs using standard margin methodologies including CME SPAN® & TIMS. It aggregates trades on a real-time basis from exchanges and in-house feeds, and it re-calculates margin requirements and other risk metrics.

Flexible and configurable limits give you total control over all of your business. Limits can be set at any level of account, by exchange, product, sector, or any combination of attributes. When you receive a limit alert, drill down through positions to see a complete view, and slice and dice client exposure by a wide range of criteria.

Key benefits of Risk Informer include:

  • Consolidated view of traders’ cross-product positions in real time
  • Total transparency – drill down to any level of granularity
  • Focus on hidden portfolio exposures to target more effective hedging strategies
  • Profit and loss/risk factors clearly explained
  • Track exposure in market and credit-based risk positions
  • Stress-testing and simulations with actual portfolio position and validated models
  • Early identification of hedge mismatching, strategic trading and arbitrage opportunities
  • What-if scenarios, including trades, pricing models and input data
  • Alerts-based notification of credit line and counterparty limit breaches

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