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Patsystems ASP 

Patsystems ASP is Patsystems' fully-managed Application Service Provider' offering. Patsystems ASP provides the full benefits of the Patsystems trading environment without the requirement for clients to invest in a technology infrastructure or technical support resources. Patsystems ASP is currently available through Patsystems' hosted ASP hubs located in Chicago, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Singapore and Sydney.

High availability and access

Patsystems ASP is a high-availability service, providing access to global markets through either the client's existing exchange memberships or through Patsystems' extensive XLink network. The Patsystems ASP offering supports a wide variety of end user connectivity options including Internet, VPN and lease line.

Advanced trading solutions

Patsystems ASP end-users are offered a choice of three advanced trading front ends:

  • Pro-Mark for professional high-volume traders, providing powerful bespoke spreading tools, options trading tools, full Microsoft Excel integration and charting.
  • J-Trader for those requiring fast, easy-to-use market access.
  • IQ-Trader specifically for chart-based traders, providing backtesting and strategy optimisation.

Efficient support

Customers retain complete control of their end-user profiles and risk parameters, while taking full advantage of Patsystems highly experienced account management and 24/6 support teams. Patsystems provides round-the-clock support for all Patsystems ASP customers using our global service team around the world to ensure that the application is available during all exchange trading.

Sophisticated risk monitoring

Increase in traded volume needs to be closely monitored with effective risk management, and Patsystems' solutions are all supported by industry-leading, real-time, pre-trade risk management. The flexibility of the risk management tool means that user profiles can be configured to allow traders to operate for a single account or as part of a group with multiple accounts, while trader access rights can be enabled individually or on a group member basis.