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Need cross-platform exchange access? The answer is XLink. XLink is Patsystems’ unique software solution that promotes exchange connectivity throughout our global trading community. XLink allows Patsystems' customers to leverage one another's exchange memberships without the need for expensive memberships or additional exchange gateways. XLink provides:

  • Choice of clearers for the world’s leading markets
  • System is very straightforward to implement
  • Full support for order types and risk management configurations

The XLink software, which is simple to install, runs on a local order routing engine, and orders are sent seamlessly between the sending company and the receiving company.

Once a physical connection is established, the XLink application is loaded onto the order routing engine at the sending company, and an omnibus account with standard risk management parameters is created at the receiving company. When contracts have been configured at the sending company, orders can be sent to the receiving company through the XLink connection.